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Testimonial No1 - 24 May 2017

I have been a client of Dr. Marina's at Gift From earth from December 2016, and I would like to share my success story with others When I started going to Dr.Marina Miller I was diagnosed stage 2 breast cancer and cervix cancer, I was on chemo and bucket full of poisonous pills and had no will to live. On top of this I am a chronic kidney disease patient as well, and my body forms kidney stones at a rapid pace. I have been on Rife treatment 5 days a week, for both cancer and kidney. with amazing results. I am happy to say that I am cancer free now and no more dialysis needed at hospital. I have also made use of the oxygen treatment. I would recommend this alternative treatment to anyone that does not want to go the western way and value the natural alternative to cure any disease. If you would like more info on my journey at Gift From Earth please feel free to give me a call and I will gladly talk to you. Best of luck in you journey
Liezel Turner
082 561 0832

Testimonial No2 - Amazing Help

I was admitted into hospital for a back operation in 2017. I was in hospital for 22 days after the surgery for treatment of an Infection (the hospital Super bug) after they open to clean and tried to control the infection at the same private hospital. The morning of the 22 July 2017 the surgeon came to insist of removal of implants in my back. They could not get the infection under control, after I have been to theater room 3 times before the morning of the 22nd. The last time they open was a horrible experience. I lost allot of blood, and my body went in to shock, of the blood loss and had to receive blood transfusion. I was not interested in another operation within 4 weeks after original surgery. A very dear Family Member of mine came to visit me in Hospital, shared with me the great work on Ozone treatment And Dr Marina Miller I asked to speak to Dr Marina that same day after explaining the treatment and requirements' I made the decision to leave hospital en go and See Dr Marina Miller. I can't Thank My Heavenly Father enough for this amazing Miracle that has happened. With so much care and assistance dedication and professional care I am HEALED FORM THIS MAJOR TRAUMA. Ozone treatment should be used, advertised more and used more in the medical field. I am so happy I have gone this way of treatment it is safe and it truly helps. Dr Marina Miller And her Team is dedicated blessed people. Thank you so so Much Dr. And team.
Hospital Patient

Testimonial No3 - January 2018

My name is Jurie Jonker In the beginning of January 2018 I sustained a knee injury while on duty at work, I had ligaments and minor cartilage damage on my left knee. I was at Dr. Marina Muller PhD for a consultation; after she had a look at my knee she did the following: She gave me multiple injections on my knee for the inflammation that hanged the size of a ping pong ball on the one side of my knee, as well as the inflammation in the ligaments itself. After that she put on an herbal paste and wrapped my knee in cling film, I had it on for approximately 2 hours. She sent the paste home with me as well as an ointment to put on during the day. A summary of the results are as follows I could hardly walk before the consultation, two days after the treatment I could walk normal and without struggle, after a week I could remove my knee brace and walk without it. Two weeks after the treatment I could go back to my MMA training. I recommend her services to everyone in assistance with the same injuries.
Jurie Jonker

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