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Dr. Marina’s Personal Story

In 2014 I decided to study natural medicine for my own and household treatments.  I enrolled at the Blackford Centre for Herbal Medicine  and completed my diploma as an herbalist.  But that was not enough I could not stop, for me, it was like a drug addiction need more and more.  After four years of practising herbal medicine I still study, by end of the year I will complete my Ph.D. in Natural Healing.

Rife treatment

My Journey started in 2015 when my son contracted mononucleosis.  He started off with flu symptoms, sore throat, swollen glands, within a couple of days he had bronchitis, the next was Phenomena, Jaundice, Bladder and Kidney infection, Lead poisoning and so the list carries on. 

After weeks of not understanding what was happening, he was tested for Glandular Fever and the results came back positive.  At least we knew what we were dealing with.  However, there is no treatment for glandular fever; the body needs to fight it by itself.   That left us high and dry.   

Then his kidney infection got to a stage where it become a threat to kidney failure, as his protein levels were extremely high.  His kidneys could no longer remove all the toxins. The poison ended up in his blood stream.  The doctor gave him Penicillin because we were dealing with a viral infection, but was not sure how his liver would respond to the treatment.  The treatment lasted 2 days and when the Jaundice came back for the second time, we had to stop the penicillin. 

Without the penicillin his body had to fight the infection and there was nothing we could do.  I became desperate, as a qualified herbalist, I tried and bought every herb available to mankind to help him, but to no avail.

They told me to take him for an F scan. Not knowing anything about this machine or what it could do, I spent a lot of time on research.  I managed to find a family that had one of these machines and contacted them immediately.  They were prepared to help me by doing the scan. The conclusion of the scan was that his body was infected with various parasites and harmful bacteria.

They assured me that they would be able to kill it by the use of this machine.  Immediately I asked them to go ahead, but they warned me that Colbey’s condition will worsen before there is any sign of improvement.

In the interim I bought my own little Rife machine so I could do treatments on a daily basis for him. Well he did get ill, very ill, I was so worried if this was the right thing to do; all I could do was pray and hope.

My Rife machine arrived the Wednesday and I started the treatments.  Colbey was only 12 years old at this time.  When he wasn’t sleeping he spent the time crying out in pain. He had no appetite whatsoever.  As he could not move he spent the entire time on a couch or bed and it broke my heart. 

On Friday that week, after only 2 treatments with the family that helped me and 3 Rife treatments at home he came to me and asked me if he could go outside to play with the dogs.  I was completely dumbfounded!  After only one week on Rife he was healthy again.

Conventional medicine had not helped him at all and he had been extremely ill for 12 weeks before he received rife treatment.

To me this was a miracle that happened right in front of my eyes.  The next Monday he went back to school. I was hooked; my faith in Rife only grew since then.  My children young and old will just come and take the Rife machine and treat themselves, it’s like having your own personal doctor on call 24/7. 

I bought more Rife generators, and invested in a Central with a plasma tube, PEMF Coil, with ultrasonic.  That was the start of my Rife journey.

I am committed to helping other people who suffer from the side effects of mononucleosis and other ailments as I know the power of rife.  My mission is to introduce as many people as possible to how rife can improve the quality of their lives.


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